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A Solid Foundation for Learning

in a Christ - Centered Curriculum

We want your child to be prepared for a bright academic future. Using outstanding Christian curriculum (such as Abeka and Bob Jones University Press) our Kindergarten program gives young learners a great start in the following areas:

• Phonics

• Fluent Reading (by the end of the year!)

• Writing

• Numbers

• Social Studies

• Science

• Bible

• Physical Education and other special classes

Meet Our Director

Belinda Hurlbut

Hi. My name is Belinda Hurlbut and I am the Early Education Director here at Evangel Heights Children's Center. I started my journey into Early Childhood in 2007. When I started I had no experience in childcare so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I didn't even know if I would like this field, but God had a plan for me. I started in the infant room and slowly learned about how important education is, even with the babies. They absorb so much information at such a young age. I loved working with the babies, but my field before coming here was in administration, so when the opportunity arose to apply for the Asst. Director position I applied for it. I worked under the previous director for about 3 years, and I obtained my Associates Degree in Early Childhood. I also obtained my Director's Credential and have held that for 12 years now. I have been Director for about 10 years and I have learned so much during this time. I am proud of our center and the fact that we have grown so much over these years. Obtaining a Star 4 with Keystone Stars was one of my goals and we have held that for the past 4 years. I am proud of our center and what we have accomplished over these past 16 years. I am excited for our center to continue to grow and expand. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Evangel Heights Children's Center.

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120 Beale Rd. 

Sarver, PA 16055






Is there Bible class at EHCC?

Yes, Bible is taught daily at EHCC. Even more importantly, biblical truths are integrated into our curriculum for all subjects, providing students with a Christian worldview.


Is busing provided to EHCC?

No, Bussing is not provided


Do you have daycare services available before and after school?

Yes, before/after school childcare programs are available to all EHCC students through Evangel Heights Children’s Center, which is located in the same building.

Is there a lunch program?

Yes, Since we are with the CACFP program we provide all meals. EHCC will provide daily lunches at no extra cost. We would rather kids not pack their own.

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