The Value…Buzz

When it comes to life we are better together.

Like the word “intentional,” the word “value” is a huge buzzword in our culture. Companies use this word to phrase their agenda and plan. People use it describe something that matters to them. I would like to examine it in the light of the Church, but first I need to take a moment and define the Church. What is it? Friends, the Church is not bricks and mortar; it is made of flesh and bone! It is made up of you and me.

The Church is made of individuals who have independent purposes in the Kingdom that link to the overall Kingdom plan.

A great example: Suzie has a heart to go out into the streets and take care of the poor. She meets J.R and he becomes a Christian, and he later becomes a missionary to a foreign country. One value has driven a person to act and that action led to a Kingdom mission being completed.

In my 28 years of ministry, I have seen this happen time and time again. I became obsessed with trying to see what was driving all of this, and I wanted to teach and explain it in practical terms. Author, Pastor, and Teacher Bill Hybels calls it the “holy discontent”—the thing you cannot walk past without acting. I have looked and studied this pattern in churches for well over 10 years now, as well as in individual lives. It has led me to a powerful discovery.

In every church, when the people come together, there are certain passions that begin to flow. Those passions are tied to things that both individually and corporately have value. For example, evangelism may be a very strong value in one church. In another church, discipleship is their focus, and they live and breathe this in how they act and minister.

We looked to see what values are evident here at Evangel Heights Church. I will add that these values were here when this church was started. It has been my experience that these values (the church’s DNA) don’t change, but how they look and function for each generation is different. Below is a brief list of what we value—of what we will intentionally go after… hopefully with you on the team!

We Value…Worship: In a real passionate and tangible way. Knowing that we are the instruments that He wants to Play.

We Value...Discipleship: Teaching to see lives molded to the purpose of Christ has called them to, both relationally, intellectually, and spiritually.

We Value...Outreach: To integrate intentionally into our community until we are at the center of all life that happens in our community.

We Value…Evangelism: To be intentional to reach out to the lost, both in our walls outside of our walls and beyond our borders.

We Value…Authentic Relationships: to be intentional in creating opportunities for people to connect, relate, support, encourage and journey together.

We Value…Family: To be intentional about the purpose of Evangel Heights church by modeling family along with the values God has established to be an authentic biblical example.

We Value…Education: We value the Education of the mind, the Spirit and practical skills that will enable us to live out our Christian Life Purpose to the highest level of excellence.

We Value…Prayer: To be intentional about prayer both corporate, and individual believing that great things will be seen in our midst.

Dan Corfield is the lead Pastor at Evangel Heights Church in Sarver, PA. He has served on staff for one and a half years. He and his wife Shawna have four boys.They are originally from Canada.

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