When your "Never Give Up" breaks down

When is comes to life we are better together.

This year, my husband and I attended the Rose Parade. It is something that has been on our bucket list for quite some time and we attended as part of our 25th anniversary celebration. There were many beautiful floats but my favorite moment of the day came from a float that had a problem. The 'Never Give Up' float, which was just a few entries away from the end of the parade, broke down in front of where we were seated, about half-way through the parade route. We had taken a behind-the-scenes tour a couple days before the parade, and had learned that each float has to go through several tests to ensure that this very thing won't happen. So when the ‘Never Give Up’ float broke down in front of where we were seated, it was ironic.

This float depicted the race between the tortoise and the hare and while the animation on the float never stopped working, the float just wouldn't move anymore (we knew it was serious when the driver of the float opened the hatch and came out onto the street and pulled the tow bar out of the float).

The parade was almost complete and the bands and floats behind the stalled float started going around it and eventually the tow truck came and pulled it away down the rest of the route.

While this certainly wasn't my favorite float today it did end up being my favorite moment of the parade because of the life-lessons that abound in this situation. To me, it spoke that even though we can prepare as best we can for things to go smoothly, the reality is that sometimes stuff happens.

The same is true in our spiritual journey. There are times, despite our best planning, that we have problems and need help to continue. The writer in Hebrews 12 encouraged his readers to ‘run with perseverance the race marked out for us.’ When athletes compete, that experience comes with unique challenges to each competitor. Learning to overcoming obstacles is one aspect of the making of champions. One way to overcome obstacles is teamwork. Needing help from others along the way is a part of the discipleship process in our walk with Christ. So when your ‘Never Give Up’ breaks down, get it little help from someone else.

Lorna Albanese is the Executive Pastor at Evangel Heights Church in Sarver, PA. She has been on staff for 25+ years. She and her husband Dan have two girls. She is a die-hard steelers fan.

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