Worship Is A Lifestyle

When it comes to life we are better together.

I was digging around in my parent’s attic, when I came across a box with a few records in it. Sure enough, when I asked my dad about them he said that they were his from when he was in high school. So, I started listening to them and it was almost like a window back into my dad’s mind. It was fun to sit and listen to them together and reminisce about what my dad thought was cool “back in the day”. (Sorry Dad, had to). Sure, there were plenty of songs that I thought were, um…. different, but many that we both thought were cool.

I’m sure many of us have heard the statement, “Music is the universal Language of mankind”. I find a lot of truth in that statement. I have had the privilege to be on multiple mission trips overseas, and have brought my guitar to each trip. I have walked into a room not knowing a person, let alone even speak their language, but when I dig out my guitar there is almost an instant connection with some people. Whether it was someone who was just interested and enjoyed the music or a fellow musician.

Music has this weird but awesome power to connect people. It communicates emotion, feelings, thoughts, and in ways that others can pick up and relate to as well. It moves something within us; no wonder you can’t help it when you catch yourself tapping your foot, clapping your hands, or when you really get into it, start air drumming or jamming on the air guitar. Just as music can do that, our worship to God can do that and so much more.

It’s interesting to step back and think that God doesn’t need our worship; He doesn’t. Our praise or worship doesn’t enable God to move. If it did, He would be dependent and not be omnipotent or all powerful; yet we are still instructed to do it. Yes, God want’s our worship but worship is also to our benefit as well. Corporate Worship brings a congregation together with one common purpose; proclaiming the goodness and greatness of our creator and savior. But yet, worship isn’t a musical style, a rhythm, or a particular song. It’s not if a certain instrument is or isn’t played. It’s not about who is leading the song. Sure, all these things can add up to a preference that you can connect with but worship is so much more than that.

Worship is a lifestyle. It’s a conscious choice to say that in that moment, God I give you the glory for everything; for my success, for my wellbeing. Even in my moments of weakness and uncertainty, God I will praise you for you do not change and that you are truly good.

Worship isn’t just a song on Sunday, but a lifestyle of perpetual praise.

Corey Buck has been on staff for 4 years as the Youth pastor at Evangel Heights Church in Sarver, Pa. He is originally from New York.